Plot Development Project

The Tathastu is a plot development urban project located in Gujrat with diverse soil condition. The challenge is to do design and development in this resource scarcity area with consideration of economic development within time frame given by client.

The development is linear with plots ranging from 60 sq yards to 500 sq yards. There is a total development of more than 1800 plots in first three phases and forth phase is under development. The infrastructure development consist of land cleaning and leveling, water distribution system, electrical connection to each dwelling unit, party plot, children play area, club house, sample houses etc. is done at township.

The water distribution tank is incorporated in security watch tower which is designed with feel of floating tower having lake in bottom. The watch tower is surrounded by lake and has connecting bridge to approach it. The first floor has security room above which the overhead tank is planned. The terrace of the structure provides aerial view of township from top.